What is Gua Sha?

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Dr Abbie of Zhong Centre shares the two types of Gua Sha and their uses for cosmetic treatments and natural health.

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One is for health and one is for beauty.

For Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine we use Gua Sha, which roughly translates to ‘scraping’, for headaches, oncoming cough or cold, hay fever or other types of illnesses. We use normally a buffalo horn or porcelain spoon to scrape your neck, your back and your issue of pain. This comes up in big red purple marks around the treatment area.

For Beauty

Jade Gua Sha for the face doesn’t tend to mark the face like the health treatment does. We use a different style of scraping technique to enhance your lymphatic function, your collagen production and make you look brighter. This facial rejuvenation treatment is excellent for improving muscle tone, circulation, alleviating headaches and repairing the skin. We even use this treatment for assisting people who have had botox or another injectable and need help to settle the injectible in.

Two different treatment tools, two different uses.

Facial Jade Gua Sha

Use your own Jade tool for facial lymphatic and brightening techniques to enhance your beauty regime. A short and easy technique for ALL SKIN TYPES, chemical free and completely natural.

Use this natural Jade tool to:

  • Tonify muscle tone
  • Encourage circulation to the skin
  • Aid lymphatic drainage, boost “qi” and “xue” to the face
  • Clear ‘qi’ stagnation to ‘brighten’ the eyes
  • Help alleviate headaches
  • Learn to increase collagen and healing repair processes in the face and neck

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Ready to try this treatment from home? Grab your own Jade tool to add to your at-home beauty regime. Dr Abbie also offers an exclusive online training course to those who want to use this beauty tool properly! Click here to learn more about the course.

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