About Zhong Centre

Your Melbourne-based centre for balance, cosmetic rejuvenation & acupuncture.

Zhong is the first character in the Chinese script of ‘Chinese Medicine’. It loosely translates to Upright, Zen, Central and Centre.

Zhong is a symbol of ‘returning to balance’. This has been our sign and inspiration behind our practice for a long time. It only seems ‘zen’ to expand not only our practice but our name to represent this too.

We currently offer the following treatments:

• Cosmetic Acupuncture
• Natural Facial Rejuvenation
• Alternative to Botox
• Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
• Women’s Health
• Counselling

What to Expect When Visiting Zhong Centre


Our treatments are designed to service the deepest parts of you. So to help us prepare, you’ll receive a comprehensive questionnaire to be completed before arrival.


Your Zhong Centre practitioner will discuss your questionnaire with you & ask about your treatment aspirations. Then we’ll guide you through what to expect during your treatment.


Using age-old Chinese Medical tools & treatments, your practitioner will work with what nature gave you to help you shine! ✨ We’ll also prescribe Chinese Medicine where required.

Changing health from skin & within.

Changing your world from your face to feet.

Multifaceted approach to the expression of you.

Restoring the parts that make the soul whole.


Positive expression of responsibility and self awareness, actualised in a no B/S supportive environment and judgement free zone.


Personality of the soul, helping you to express the real you within. Space that focuses and amplifies self-love. Soul accountability.


Safe space for healing. Acknowledging the yin and yang of being a human in today’s age. Changing landscape with ancient traditional medicine, still relevant in today’s changing pressures and environment.


Integrity through evidence based practises within registered and accredited practitioners. For clients who are ready for change and natural results and alternative to the social “new normal” and media pressures.


Small change makes big growth. Wherever you are on your path or Dao, we are here to support you.

What We Value At Zhong Centre


Realistic expectations

Judgement-free zone


Unity of life

Understanding of the natural processes of life


Not just ‘woo woo’

Registered practitioners with years of experience






Traditional methods

Human instinct of healing/repair

Our Team

“When a woman’s cup is full, she looks to then fill her loved ones cups, when they are full, she looks to fill her community and neighbourhood; when they are full, she then looks to the world around her to look after and nurture it too. This is my reason for being – just filling up cups one at a time to overflow into the world around us.

When one woman does great – the whole world is lifted, you can’t do great things when you’re focusing on sucking in your tummy or not smiling fully because of crow’s feet!”

Dr Alice (aka Ally) is an integral part of the Zhong Centre team. This England-born acupuncturist graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health and is a Melbourne girl at heart.

“What I love about treating with Chinese Medicine is witnessing a person heal and change, helping them find their true self, balanced and calm.”

Lou Bloom is a registered Counsellor and Wellness Consultant at Zhong Centre. Lou nurtures positive thinking and strategies encompassing wellbeing theory, mindfulness, diet management, health and wellness plans, cognitive and interpersonal therapy.

We highly recommend Lou’s mindful and wellness plans, and approach and support methods she employs to help anxiety and emotional imbalances. Medicare rebate is available with a referral from your GP for Lou’s services.


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