Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, known for it’s anti-aging, brain-boosting + cellular repairing properties it is a naturally found coenzyme in the body. This is the one you need to turn back the clocks.

Anti – Ageing
Supporting DNA repair
Cellular function + regeneration
Inflammation reduction
Mental clarity + memory function
Increased energy levels
Beat Brain Fog
Hydration + Energy Boost
Fertility support

Let our Zhong Angels take care of you. 
Visit the clinic and prepare to relax while we pump you full of goodness. All vitamins are administered by our Registered Nurse who will also guide you through the process. 
Sip on drinks from our Glow Bar + catch up on the clinic gossip.

How many sessions do I need?
For best results, it is recommended at least 3 sessions of NAD+ as close together as possible, usually over 3 weeks. For a more tailored health treatment plan, our Practitioners can advise what is best for your needs.

Can I get the same goodness another way?
NAD+ can now be administered via IM (Intramuscular Injection) and is a quick and no fuss method for those who are in a time short. It also takes a little longer to feel the benefits.
You will still reap all the benefits of energy, vitality and anti-aging, although this method does not allow the body to absorb 100% unlike the IV method direct into the bloodstream.

NAD+ IM injection is only a 15 minute process.

IM injection is a good alternate if you are a little bit scared of needles. If you have an extra ‘peachy’ bum, you can also add our other IV offering or individual vitamins for an additional injection.
Dr. Abbie contests that the IM method is less painless + frees your time up to go kick some goals!

What are the side effects?
Our clients may experience mild symptoms during the IV experience such as stomach cramping, nausea and heated areas of the body. This discomfort subsides as soon as IV Vitamins are finished being administered. 
It is strongly advised not to consume alcohol prior to your appointment so as to stay well hydrated. Also not to arrive on an empty stomach, be prepared and bring the snax.
Our Nurses also combine magnesium to assist with these symptoms and can run the drip at a lower speed for our clients comfort. Please allow 3 hours for your first dose of NAD+.

Is this right for me?
Our Practitioners can consult you if this is right for you. 
Our clients have used NAD+ to treat post-covid brain fog, chronic fatigue, the ageing process + overall wellbeing.
NAD+ also supports cellular repair for people suffering from endometriosis or fertility issues and the MTFHR gene.

Can I bring a friend?
We welcome everyone! Couples + groups are welcome – just give us plenty of notice so we can book you in together.

Can I combine this with acupuncture?
Yes! The perfect Rockstar combo!

Can I add other vitamins?
Add all the extras! You can add Immune booster vitamins, plumping + glowing skin vitamins or top up with a bit of slim down mix.
Refer to our IV Vitamin menu to add on your extra vitamins.

How can I expect to feel after treatment?
Our clients report feeling energised, hydrated, clear-headed + whimsical after their NAD+ treatments. 


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