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Dr Abbie’s Confidence Hacking Course

Join Dr Abbie (TCM) with her upbeat take on confidence hacking, Chinese Medicine style. Using the framework of how Chinese Medicine views the aspects of our personalities and expression, learn how to pragmatically harness and increase your confidence.

Student Reviews

Amazing! – Polly Harding

This course was just what I needed! Abbie as always takes the no BS approach and says it how it is. If you’re lacking in motivation and are putting things off because your self esteem is shot this is what you’re after. It is a friendly reminder we all have the magic inside and Abbie just reinforces how to access it. The information is clearly laid out and it is very easy to comprehend. Definitely recommend getting involved! Features sass and that kick you may not realise you needed.

Insightful and inspiring!
Emma Maidment

This course was absolutely fascinating. I loved learning more about the TCM beliefs and wisdom and how to use that in my own life.

I feel empowered and inspired to be the best version of me.

Thank you Dr Abbie for sharing your wisdom. Amazing course and highly recommend. Let that inner sparkle SHINE!

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