TCM Expert Guidance with Dr. Abbie

Gosh I’ve missed aggressively encouraging people on mass to stab people… Maybe it’s exactly how it sounds but if you’re in the Traditional Chinese Medicine industry, you understand what I’m talking about! And my goodness am I super excited to be running seminars again!

Not just putting glitter on people – we will be literally making glitter explode out of our clients eyes!  In my seminars I’m just as hyperactive, excited, passionate and swearing as you see me on the Instagram stories – however this is channelled into your professional CPD points to make sure you get the best outcomes to take away and apply within your clinic [IMMEDIATELY] for your clients!! To make sure that fine lines are a eradicated, that resting bitch face is a choice not a daily uniform, and how to integrate Acupuncture with existing injectables as to not fuck up what your clients have already paid for with other cosmetic procedures.

So if you really missed live seminars, and you really want to enhance your techniques and you want just want to meet me in person even see if I’m as sweary in real life, this is a seminar for you!!

Take your skills to the next level!! Unlike any other seminar we provide real live action clients and humans to show the techniques and skills and then and there – so you’re not getting tired and exhausted from being Acupuncture-ed all day.  This again is only for Chinese medicine practitioners – I’m protecting our industry and protecting our technique and diagnostic skills it’s not for dry needles or any other modality purely acupuncturists I’m gonna be snobby about this a lot of this course entails Chinese diagnostics and is based on that which is why Chinese medicine cosmetic acupuncture is so freaking effective!

So limited spaces are left because of course I want to make sure that only my favourites get my most amount of attention and I can’t do that with a giant room full of people. Dr. Abbie Acupuncture Xx

Apply for the latest seminars coming up :

Facial Intelligence – a MUST for any practitioner in any modality to have a secret superpower to help diagnose and treat underlying conditions from investigating the face and it’s cues

Cosmetic Acupuncture Protocols – Dr Abbie’s signature seminar and fan raving teachings to get your glow on and have your clients thinking they had a literal facelift!


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