Jade Gua Sha for Beauty and Health

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If rolling a rock over your face doesn’t sound like a secret beauty tip, boy have we got some whacked out news for you! The ancient technique of Jade Gua Sha has been a practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries, both for its health and aesthetic benefits. Historically, Emperor’s geishas and concubines used the practice to maintain their allure and youthfulness – so yes, it’s Emperor approved!

What is Jade Gua Sha, anyway?

The practice translates to “scraping”, which conjures painful images of scratched skin, but it is actually a quite pleasant and relaxing treatment, especially on the face. First a warming oil is applied to the skin, followed by a specially-crafted Jade Gua Sha tool being guided over the skin in a sweeping fashion, applying slight pressure. The contact of the Jade Gua Sha tool with the skin triggers lymphatic drainage and increases blood flow, leading to a brighter appearance of the skin. The movements performed on the skin follow the meridians of the body, in Traditional Chinese Medicine these meridians are where the life force energy or ‘qi’ flow.

What can Jade Gua Sha treat?

Whether to enhance your beauty treatment or improve your health, there are a number of skin and health-related complaints that this practice can treat. It improves the clarity of pores, address rosacea and redness, firm and tighten your forehead, deflate eye bags and perform chin tucks!

The Geisha-esque benefits include:

● Tonify facial muscle tone
● Encourage circulation to the skin
● Aid lymphatic drainage, boost qi and xue to the face
● Clear qi stagnations to brighten the eyes
● Help alleviate headaches
● Learn to increase collagen and healing repair processes in the face and neck

Why Jade?

This beautiful semi-precious stone is an important part of Chinese culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine – featured in art, rituals and healing. Ranging from the milky white nephrite jade, through to darker greens, jade is valued for its durability, protective qualities and is connected to the Chinese conceptions of the soul and immortality. This creates it as the perfect stone to use for a Gua Sha treatment, fusing together the physical and energetic properties of the stone into a nourishing health and beauty practice.

To experience Jade Gua Sha book a cosmetic treatment

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