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Toodle pip dark circles and puffiness …

– by  featured in WHO Magazine here.

Hannah and Dr. Abbie Acupuncture at Zhong Centre in St Kilda discuss dark circles and how to use acupuncture to rid yourself of them. See Hannah’s comments on Chinese Medicine and Cosmetic Acupuncture below…

‘In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there’s a correlation between the Shen/Kidney system and how it’s linked with discolouration under the eyes, which can all tie in with adrenal and hormonal imbalances…

Check Out Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dr Abbie Cloherty, cosmetic acupuncturist and founder of Zhong Centre, uses many different forms of TCM to help with dark circles and eye bags.

She advises that diet and self care play a part in eye health. “A decent bone broth daily [helps with] iron levels, digestion, plus marrow and collagen absorption for the tissues.”

“In Chinese Medicine ‘black’ bruises are a deficiency of Kidney element, and ‘Black’ colouring under the eyes are also Kidney. However, a ‘green hue’ under the eyes is more of the Gan/Liver system.” Cosmetic acupuncture can help to balance the systems and restore your eye health and the skin on the face.

Cloherty’s best tip is to get to sleep between the hours of 11pm-1am. In doing so we can “capitalise on the Liver system rejuvenating itself whilst we sleep, which includes the eye health. Improved sleep always helps with bags, puffiness, and discolouration around the eyes.”‘

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