Nourish the Yin

Yin represents the energy that is responsible for moistening and cooling within the body. When this energy is depleted your body begins to show signs of “heating up”. This is not a true heat but rather an imbalance of the body’s energy.

Foods to avoid

Stimulating foods such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar and strong heating spices can unnecessary drain the body of make you feel hotter. It would be wise to use plenty of water in cooking and making sure for daily food intake consists of seeds, beans and high quality protein. It is important to consume small quantities frequently rather than large plates of food and keeping your eating pattern at regular intervals. These types of foods have a tendency to congest the digestion if large amounts.

Grains barley, millet, oats, rice

Vegetables alfalfa, artichoke, asparagus, kelp, mung bean sprout, pea, potato, seaweed, green beans, sweet potato, tomato, water chestnut, zucchini

Fruit apple, apricot, avocado, banana, lemon, lime, mango, mulberry, pear, persimmon, pineapple, pomegranate, watermelon

Beans adzuki, black beans, black soya, kidney, lima, mung bean, tofu

Nuts, seeds coconut milk, sesame seed, black sesame seed, walnut

Fish fish in general especially clam, freshwater clam, crab, mussels, oyster, octopus, sardine

Meat beef, chicken, duck, pork

Dairy cheese, chicken egg, cow’s milk, duck egg, yoghurt

Herbs, spices marjoram, nettle

Oils, condiments flaxseed oil, almond oil, honey, malt

Other American ginseng, royal jelly, spirulina

Foods especially useful to tonify the Kidney Yin


Examples of everyday foods that can be used to build Yin –

  • Fruit smoothies with honey and banana or a fruit salad
  • Fish dishes with coconut milk
  • Omelette with cheese
  • Asparagus and egg salad with sesame seeds
  • Tacos made with Kidney beans and topped with a small amount of cheese
  • Baked Potato stuffed with tofu with soya sauce and sesame seeds
  • Pork and apple dishes
  • Miso soup with tofu and seaweed

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