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Meet Dr Maryanne

A registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, new mama, health enthusiast, wellness blogger, ex-corporate stress-head and recovering perfectionist….

We’ve all been (or are) there. Not enough hours in the day, constantly writing to do lists but never to get to the end of one, snacking on the run if we get a chance to eat anything at all, burning the candles at all ends to meet deadlines only to rush home and take care of everyone else.  But it only lasts so long until the consequences start to creep in; chronic digestive issues, anxiety, headaches and menstrual problems to name a few.

Dr Maryanne is here to show you that there is a different way to live and to help motivate you to make positive and lasting changes to be the best most healthiest you.

Dr Maryanne enjoys empowering each individuals innate self-healing abilities through a combination of treatment and education around individualised diet and lifestyle choices to create lasting wellness.

As a practitioner she believes in a balanced approach to health and wellness, unique to every individual and collaborates with her clients to achieve their desired wellness goals with a down to earth attitude and gentle treatments.  Dr Maryanne has been where you are, and knows the path back to wellness.  On her journey, Dr Maryanne found there was so much conflicting information and advice out there that was just plain confusing. She will help you easily navigate your way back to wellness with her easy no nonsense support and motivation to get you back on track and in sparkling health.

We love Dr Maryanne’s treatment plans, approach and support to help digestive, autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders, which she often finds is generally coupled with anxiety and emotional imbalances.  Dr Maryanne also treats an array of women’s health conditions including; period pain, natural fertility, PSOC, irregular periods, PMS, cysts and post-partum health.  Her holistic and caring approach is well renowned amongst her clients for helping with stress resilience and self empowerment of their health.

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