Cosmetic Acupuncture & Facial Intelligence Seminars 2023

Limited Spaces Available! Join Dr. Abbie’s Exclusive Professional Seminars

Dr Abbie

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“The Aesthetic Acupuncturist, Dr Abbie"

Limited spaces available! Join Dr Abbie in her one of a kind seminar for all professionals and her very special exclusive for TCM Practitioners seminar.

What to expect:
  • Learn how to quickly read facial signs and symptoms.
  • Understand the correlation between facial color and facial mapping health systems.
  • Address muscle tightness and pain found in the body Via only the face.
  • Master the art of the new ‘super power’ of seeing in the body - with non-invasive techniques.
  • Perfect for all health professionals, skin and beauty professionals, wellness and performance coaches, and anyone with an interest in humans and health.
You will:
  • Gain confidence in needling high-risk anatomy areas, including facial points, eye points, and areas near veins and arteries.
  • Understand pros and cons of high risk points for point prescription needs.
  • Learn techniques to enhance treatment outcomes and integrate acupuncture with existing cosmetic procedures.
  • See immediate results in in faces that you can take direct back to your clinic.
  • Open to TCM trained and certified or final year students only.
What's in it:
  • Get seminars on demand and at your own pace.
  • Q&A by Dr Abbie.
  • Insight into hidden emotions and suppressed expressions.

Benefits of Facial Intelligence

Incorporating facial diagnosis into your practice can revolutionize the way you assess and treat your patients.


Enhanced Diagnostic Skills

Facial diagnosis offers a unique perspective that complements your existing diagnostic tools


Personalized Treatment Plans

Facial intelligence allows you to customize your treatment plans to address specific imbalances and individual needs.


Early Detection of Health Issues:

Facial diagnosis can unveil early signs of health issues before they manifest in other parts of the body.

What to expect in a seminar with Dr Abbie

During the seminar, you’ll explore the fascinating correlation between the colors observed on the face and the health systems they signify. Dr. Abbie will unveil the hidden messages encoded in facial hues, guiding you to identify specific health imbalances and related organ systems. Through comprehensive training, you’ll learn to recognize the nuances of color variations, allowing for targeted treatments that restore balance and promote wellness.

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“ Dr Abbie clearly has a profound knowledge of cosmetic acupuncture. It is perhaps one of the most worthwhile seminars I have attended as a chined med practitioner Often seminars are extremely theory heavy, and provide little time to put the theory into practice. This seminar has left me with the confidence that I can immediately use these techiques in clinical practice. I apreciated Abbie's candid and engaging manner of presenting the course material. - Mattew - ”
Dr Abbie teaching

Join the Facial Intelligence Revolution

Are you ready to embrace the transformative power of facial intelligence? Secure your place at Dr. Abbie’s “Facial Intelligence” seminar and embark on a path that will elevate your practice, enhance your diagnostic skills, and bring about remarkable changes in your patients’ lives.

  • Color Revelations: Unmasking Health Systems
  • Muscle Mastery: Addressing Facial and Body Connections
  • Sprains, Strains, and Facial Insight

Are you ready to take your acupuncture and clinical skills to the next level?

Look no further! Dr. Abbie is thrilled to announce her highly anticipated 3-day seminar exclusively for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners like you.

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“Abbie is an amazing lecturer!! She makes the content fun and interesting. The strong emphasis on practical techniques empowers the student to immediately commence practicing this awesome cosmetic acupuncture. Would highly recommend! -Andre Artmann.”
Dr Abbie teaching

The power of Cosmetic Acupuncture

Dr. Abbie’s seminars are specifically designed for Chinese medicine practitioners. This seminar focuses on Chinese diagnostics and the effectiveness of Chinese medicine cosmetic acupuncture. By limiting participation to TCM acupuncturists, we protect our industry and preserve our technique and diagnostic skills.

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“ Fucking great event! Very hands on which is the best way to learn. -Kristen- ”
Person with facial acupuncture

High-Risk Anatomy Needling Areas

Learn how to safely and confidently needle areas near the carotid artery, face, eyes, lungs, abdomen, upper back, veins, arteries, and lymph nodes.

Safety and Technique

Master the art of needling these high-risk areas, and gain practical experience in a supervised environment. Know when to refer to medical management and walk away with confidence in your qualification.

Oops! What to Do Next

Discover what steps to take if something goes wrong during a treatment. From recognizing signs and symptoms to providing first aid, you’ll learn the necessary medical and insurance protocols.

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