Sleep Hygiene

Want to improve your routine? 

Every night, same time, same routine. 

It will take about 10 nights to begin to take effect.

Try to be in bed, horizontal by 10pm. 

Avoid electronic devices at least an hour before bed time, the light in the
phones / laptop / iPads / screens over stimulate melanin in the brain and the body thinks it’s midday. Set your alarm, pack tomorrow’s bag / lunch / day.

  • Have a warm glass of milk, or sleep tea.
  • Have a hot shower / bathing ritual .
  • Journal / write down thoughts inside your head.
  • Read a paper book.

Hot foot bath, as hot as you can stand it, add Epsom salts / lavender oil and practice deep breathing for 6-10 minutes.

Then dry your feet and go directly into bed. 

Sleep is best when room temperature is around 20 degrees.

Hot water bottles at the feet can help in bed.

You can also:

Please drink rose petal and goji berries as a tea, chrysanthemum and chamomile tea during the day to pre-unwind. 

Increase red meat intake to 4-6 times weekly.

Magnesium and calcium supplement.

Gratitude journal for focusing on positive intent and habits.

If you can’t sleep, listen to a sleep music alpha wave app (for rest), or listen to a podcast you enjoy so you feel like your time isn’t being wasted.  Rest is still important.


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