ZHONG – Glow Masque 125ml


A Chinese Medicine Herbal formulation, Glow Masque is an uplifting face mask which contains a number of herbal ingredients including ginkgo, ginseng and peach resin. This specific formula has anti-aging plumping and glowing properties, especially when used on target areas such as around the eyes.

This mask cleanses and infuses moisture into the skin cells and enhances plumping and brightening of the pores and fine lines.

A luscious Australian made herbal serum formulated by our very own Dr Abbie Acupuncture, Glow Masque will leave you with glowing skin for days to come.

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Glow Masque was formulated by Dr Abbie Acupuncture and made here in Melbourne, Australia. A rejuvenating and refreshing formula created with a combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine and added peach seed extract for visible glow and tightening.

How to use Glow Mask by Zhong Centre:

  1. Slather on
  2. Soak up
  3. Leave on - the Glow Masque dries smooth and clear so no need to wash after use
  4. Glow ✨

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Dimensions 40 × 40 × 160 mm



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