VagineSteam – Nourishing Herbal Blend 50g


​✨VagineSteam Nourishing Herbal Blend ✨

​General nourishing blend of herbs to help maintain a luscious vulva. (Steam 1-2 times a month) 

Introducing our Vagine Steam 🧖‍♀️

Whether you're trying to conceive, have heavy periods, or even just need to blow out the cobwebs...these beautiful VagineSteam Nourishing Herbal Blend of herbs are here to help! ​ ​The benefits of steaming include: balancing hormones, aids circulation/blood flow, and basically assists everything to function better eg. menstrual pain, heavy periods, vaginal mucosa, dryness, sexual pain.

VagineSteam Nourishing Herbal Blend not suitable for:

Steaming when you are menstruating
If you are pregnant
If you have an active infection, sores, open wounds or IUD

Read more about Vagine Steaming here

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 85 × 62 × 140 mm



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