ZHONG – Jade Roller


Jade is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing semi-precious gemstone and is considered a sign of power and immortality. It is auspicious in healing and maintaining beauty in Chinese history.


It can help calm and even out your complexion, the skin guru says, and make it noticeably less puffy, defining your cheekbones, jawline, and brows. The rolling movement and jade properties can enhance circulation, de-puffs the eye area, and improves skin elasticity. During facial rolling it  promotes lymphatic drainage and is detoxifying.

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Used in adjunct to Constitutional Cosmetic Acupuncture, jade roller is great for at home maintenance of smooth skin and firmness of tone following treatment.

Made of high quality jade, this piece measures 10cm in length.  Due to the quality and sourcing of the jade each piece will vary in shade and colour.

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