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Jade Gua Sha Facial Tool

Zhong Centre’s Luxe Glow Sha is a facial scraping rejuvenation tool. This specially formulated beauty tool brings out your inner glow. Use Jade Gua Sha with the technique teachings from Zhong Centre’s online Gua Sha course. Specialising in facial lymphatic and brightening techniques to enhance your everyday beauty regime.

Zhong Centre Gua Sha tools are made from natural, semi-precious gemstones. As such, every Luxe Glow Sha tool will be beautifully unique in colour and pattern. Buy it online today or get your gua sha in person from our Melbourne practice.

Measures approximately & at widest points | 8.5cm x 5cm  x 0.5cm

Use the Luxe Glow Sha at home to:

  • Enhance facial muscle tone
  • Calm and even out complexion
  • Make the skin noticeably less puffy, particularly around the eyes
  • Define cheekbones, jawline, and brows
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Encourage circulation to the skin
  • Aid lymphatic drainage – boost ‘qi’ and ‘xue’ to the face
  • Clear ‘qi’ stagnations to ‘brighten’ the eyes
  • Help alleviate headaches
  • Work to increase collagen production
  • Assist healing and repair processes in the face and neck

Suitable for all skin types and ages.

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What does the Luxe Glow Sha tool do?

This specially formulated Gua Sha beauty tool brings out inner glow! Zhong Centre’s Luxe Glow Sha is a non-invasive and natural beauty tool which can be used on all skin types and ages.

Measures approximately & at widest points | 8.5cm x 5cm  x 0.5cm

Benefits of Using Jade Gua Sha

When using a jade gua sha tool, the combined properties of jade and Zhong Centre’s massaging technique (also referred to as ‘scraping’) are known to:

  • calm and even out complexion
  • make the skin noticeably less puffy, particularly around the eyes
  • define cheekbones, jawline, and brows
  • enhance circulation
  • improve skin elasticity.

Facial Gua Sha also promotes lymphatic drainage and helps to detoxify the treatment area. Used properly,  Luxe Glow Sha will leave the skin looking hydrated and refreshed.

Why is the Glow Sha made from natural Jade?

Jade is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing, semi-precious gemstone. It is considered a sign of power and immortality. Jade has been a favoured gemstone used for healing and maintaining beauty throughout Chinese history. The gemstone’s physical properties include striation of the mineral, which is believed to draw out toxins from your skin.

Want to try a Gua Sha tool before you buy?

Book a cosmetic acupuncture treatment at our Melbourne practice with Dr. Abbie and the Zhong Centre team today. We also offer gua sha training so you can practice traditional gua sha treatment from home!

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