ZHONG – Hay Fever Tea (Bo He and Da Zao) 30g


Need some Spring Time relief?

​This TCM mix of herbs will sooth hayfever symptoms such as sneezing, lacrimation and itching. With high winds, if we are not careful to protect ourselves or our defensive Qi is weak, Hayfever can easily attack.
​What can I do to help you ask? As well as booking in for an appt (obvs) we sell this gorgeous tea mixture at the clinic.
Jua Hua clears the wind from the body, cools the liver down and relieves sore eyes
Bo He clears the heat which can been seen as redness and irritation, especially in the head/eyes and gets stagnant Qi Moving.
​Da Zao reinforces our defensive Qi to strengthen our immune system. It’s calming and soothing to the mind as well as sweet which supports digestion.

Not sure if this tea right for your unique needs?

No worries darling! Call us or contact us online today via Facebook messenger for more information on this purifying blend of ingredients. Dr. Abbie Acupuncture and her team of professionals will be happy answer any questions you may have in regards to our delicious and cleansing tea blend.


Ah-Choo No more!

Don't you hate it when your eyes are itchy and your mascara runs, or you're sneezing uncontrollably into your mask (It's really dripping into your mask and you are secretly using it as a tissue).

Saving the day is our special blend of Hay fever tea made by our Zhong Centre Practitioners and made in-house.

​What you can use it for:
​- Hay fever
​- any time you're feeling hot in the head
​- sinus related issues
​- feeling flustered

​Symptoms whether its sore throat, itchy ears, runny or blocked nose, sore eyes, itchy eyes or sneezing - this tea will take the heat out of your head! Cause let's be real, there's enough fuckery going on...we don't need Hay fever getting in the way as well 🌬️🙅‍♀️

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