Up-Grade Your Life with Dr Abbie


A 10-week master class with Dr Abbie Acupuncture, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and super-aggressive confidence booster-extraordinaire. With a 70 minute live call each fortnight, diving into the five soul aspects of Chinese Medicine and how each can impact and enhance your goals. Dr Abbie will share tips and tricks to demolish your blocks, boost your confidence and set you up with a road map for success. 

This course is for anyone who wants to set wheels in motion, get your life moving and be unapologetic about chasing your dreams. Whether it’s a career goal that you have in mind, or you want to overcome some health challenges or up-level your relationships; you will have the opportunity to get direct feedback and group mentoring each fortnight on the practical application, so that you achieve tangible outcomes and begin to upgrade your life, like never before. 

Typically you go to a seminar and learn the theory and then you’re left alone to apply it yourself. Dr Abbie has structured this course so that you have the theory and information along with live feedback to track and enhance your goals and the outcomes you are able to achieve. 

Course includes

  • Five fortnightly live calls 70 min with Dr Abbie
  • Deep dive in to five of the Traditional Chinese Medicine soul aspects & how these pertain directly to you
  • Practical application & discussion around how each aspect relates to individual goals 
  • Weekly exercises and journal prompts
  • Format and calls to replicate process, use again and again for future goals


Choose your adventure:

Ten week Masterclass to upgrade your life $1,799 - this is the masterclass 


Want more for your goals??

‘Up-Luxe’ Option One: Masterclass plus an additional one on one with Abbie $2,099 

‘Up-Luxe’ Option Two: Masterclass plus two personal one on one’s with Abbie $2,299


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