Skincare for Facial Rejuvenation with Chinese Medicine – Event


Back due to popular demand. Make yourself look and feel great during the isolation and lockdown from the comfort of your own home! Get ready for post-isolation world with fresh, bright, glowing and energised skin.

Event Date: 27th of September 2020

Learn Gua Sha | Workshop with Dr Abbie

You have heard about the benefits of Glow Sha (Gua Sha), now it’s your turn to see the results for yourself.

This is a hands-on workshop to learn at-home skincare using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques.

Dr Abbie Acupuncture will show you how to use your own Jade Glow Sha (for facial lymphatic and brightening techniques) to enhance your beauty regime. A short and easy technique for ALL SKIN TYPES, chemical free and completely natural.

Using facial mapping and Chinese Medicine diagnostics let Dr Abbie help you to best understand how to maintain beauty and youthful vigour easily.

Included in the event with Dr Abbie is your own individual high quality Luxury Jade Glow Sha tool to follow along with and keep.

Learn easy foods to incorporate into your diet to nourish skin, which foods to avoid for best clarity of pores, how to address rosacea, redness and how to firm and tighten forehead, eye bags and the world’s easiest chin tucks!

Use Jade Glow Sha to:

· Tonify muscle tone
· Encourage circulation to the skin
· Aid lymphatic drainage, boost “qi” and “xue” to the face
· Clear ‘qi’ stagnations to ‘brighten’ the eyes
· Help alleviate headaches
· Learn to increase collagen and healing repair processes in the face and neck

The Aim of The Jade Glow Sha Workshop

Abbie presents in a no-nonsense and fun fashion that will help guide you to understanding ancient beauty techniques used by Emperor’s Geishas and Concubines to maintain their allure and youthfulness. Her emphasis is on your inner beauty, and how best to reflect this on your face. She puts a big encouragement on home health care and a good giggle.

Why not indulge and relax with a glass of organic, while participating in this skin rejuvenation. The benefits of organic wine reduce inflammation in the skin and reduce negative side effects associated with drinking while complementing the relaxation process. We support Foxeys hangout, a small business winery located in Mornington Peninsula. Covid restrictions on restaurant trade and travel have heavily affected business for this small, local operator.

Package options are:

Ultimate Glow Sha Gift Pack

  • Event Invite
  • Organic Zhong Centre Facial oil
  • Luxury Gua Sha
  • The full online Gua Sha Course to keep
  • PLUS an additional something special selected by Dr Abbie to assist with relaxation and help you embrace your inner GLOW.
$120 (Australia-wide postage included)


Luxury Glow Sha Pack

  • Event Invite
  • Luxury Jade Gua Sha
  • Zhong Centre Facial oil
$95 (Australia-wide postage included)


Gua Sha Pack

  • Event Invite
  • Jade Gua Sha
  • Zhong Centre Rosehip oil
$65 (Australia-wide postage included)


Event Invite Standard: $30 *Ticket Price only*

The Event invite standard option is designed for those who have a Gua Sha tool already. Gua Sha tool is not included with the Event Invite Standard Price.


Party at your place upgrade: something special selected by Dr Abbie to assist with relaxation and help you embrace your inner GLOW! Available by request.



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Ultimate Glow Sha Gift Pack, Luxury Glow Sha Pack, Gua Sha Pack, Event Invite Standard


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