HealthyCare – Collagen Beauty Shots 5000mg – 25mL x 7 bottles


Healthy Care Collagen Beauty Shots with VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides, Resveratrol & Vitamin C. Enhances collagen formation and maintains the integrity of skin from within. New & improved taste. Sugar-free.

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Product Description

Healthy Care Beauty Collagen Elixir Shots 5000mg provides a potent dose of VERISOL Bioactive Collagen Peptides to support collagen formation, which will help maintain skin integrity.

Healthy Care Beauty Collagen Elixir Shots 5000mg has been formulated with the highest quality Marine-sourced Collagen which will improve skin hydration and skin health.

Product Benefits

Other benefits include:
- Maintains skin elasticity and firmness
- Promotes nail & hair growth

Product Ingredients

Each 25mL contains:
- Hydrolysed Collagen 5g (5000mg)
- Reynoutria japonica extract equiv. to dry root 200mg
containing Resveratrol 1mg
- Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) 122.5mg

Direction/ Dosages

Take 25mL daily in the morning. May be taken undiluted, or diluted in water or juice. Shake well before use. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.

Storage Conditions

Store below 30ºC away from heat and direct sunlight.

Product Warnings

Products containing Sorbitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhea. Vitamins and minerals can only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate. Do not use if cap seal is broken. Contains Potassium Sorbate, Fish Products and Gluten.


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