CHINAMED – Qi and Blood Tonic Formula (Ren Shen Yang Rong Tang)


Energy and endurance tonic style formula. Works great for non-healing sores/wounds and for any condition where there has been long-term illness, fatigue, anemia.

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Signs & Symptoms

  • Anaemia
  • Debility post surgery
  • General debility due to severe or chronic illness
  • Palpitations
  • Insomnia
  • Skin, dry
  • Hair, dry
  • Fatigue
  • Lactation, insufficient
  • Memory and concentration, poor
  • Lesions, slow healing
  • Anxiety


Astragalus membranaceus, root 225.0 mg
Paeonia lactiflora, root 180.0 mg
Rehmannia glutinosa, root (Chinese foxglove root) 180.0 mg
Codonopsis pilosula, root 180.0 mg
Atractylodes macrocephala, rhizome 180.0 mg
Angelica polymorpha, root 135.0 mg
Poria cocos, hyphae (hoelen, tuckahoe, Indian bread) 135.0 mg
Ziziphus jujuba, fruit 135.0 mg
Citrus reticulata, fruit peel 90.0 mg
Schisandra chinensis, fruit 90.0 mg
Polygala sibirica, root 75.1 mg
Zingiber officinale, rhizome (fresh) 75.1 mg
Glycyrrhiza uralensis, root 93.6 mg
Cinnamomum cassia, stem bark 45.0 mg

Dosage & Course of Treatment

3 - 4 capsules, 2 - 3 times daily

In severe cases or in the early stages of treatment, the dosage may be increased by 50%.

Course of treatment: 3 - 6 months

Cautions & Contraindications

Caution for those on anti-coagulant medications (i.e. Heparin, warfarin or aspirin).

Contains Glycyrrhiza, which potentiates prednisone and corticosteroids by prolonging steroid biological half-life; caution in patients with hypertension.

Discontinue during an episode of the common cold or influenza.


Poor digestion, loss of appetite

  • DIGEST-AID Formula

TCM Syndromes

Qi-Blood dual deficiency

Heart-Spleen Qi-Blood deficiency

TCM Actions

Tonifies the Qi and nourishes the Blood, strengthens the Spleen and nourishes the Heart, calms the Spirit.

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