CHINAMED – Peaceful Sleep Formula (An Shen Ning Ye Fang)


A serene tranquilising formula to help settle emotions and relieve stress that results in insomnia. Avoid if problems with gluten/celiac.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Forgetfulness
  • Memory and concentration, poor


Fallopia multiflora, stem 216.0 mg
Triticum aestivum, seed 198.0 mg
Ziziphus jujuba, fruit 180.0 mg
Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa, seed 162.0 mg
Biota orientalis, seed 162.0 mg
Paeonia lactiflora, root 162.0 mg
Curcuma longa, tuber 162.0 mg
Schisandra chinensis, fruit 108.0 mg
Glycyrrhiza uralensis, root 90.0 mg
Chrysanthemum sinense, flower 90.0 mg
Citrus reticulata, fruit peel 90.0 mg
Citrus reticulata, fruit pericarp 90.0 mg
Rosa rugosa, flower 90.0 mg

Dosage & Course of Treatment

3 - 4 capsules, 2 - 3 times daily (best taken in the afternoon and early evening).

In severe cases and in the early stages of treatment (first 1-2 weeks) the dosage may be increased by 50 - 100%.

Taper off dosage once a normal sleeping pattern has been established.

Safe to use long term.

Cautions & Contraindications

Caution in patients already taking some form of sedative-hypnotic drug.

Contains gluten. Not to be used in cases with allergy to gluten.

Avoid caffeine containing beverages (i.e. coffee, tea, cola drinks, guarana), especially in the afternoon.

Contains Glycyrrhiza, which potentiates prednisone and corticosteroids by prolonging steroid biological half-life; caution in patients with hypertension.

This formula contains Triticum Aestivum, one of the two plants commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine may result in trace amounts of gluten appearing in formula regardless of the part used.

Thus these formula should be avoided by people with sensitivity or caeliac disease

The two herbs are: Triticum Aestivum and Hordeum Vulgare


Insomnia, PMS related

  • PMS Formula

Insomnia, stress related

  • STRESS RELIEF 1 Formula

TCM Syndromes

Heart Qi and Blood deficiency

Liver Qi stagnation

TCM Actions

Nourishes the Heart and calms the Spirit, soothes the Liver and relieves constraint, clears Heat from the Liver.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 90 mm


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