Cosmetic Acupuncture – What You Notice After One Session

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Cosmetic AcupunctureThe idea of cosmetic acupuncture (someone sticking needles in your face) doesn’t necessarily inspire an instant, “Yep! Sign me up!” response. The great news is that cosmetic acupuncture is about so much more than an alternative to toxic beauty practices. In the name of beauty and holistic health, we can stand a few tiny sharp objects, can’t we?

Where Did Cosmetic Acupuncture Originate From?

Cosmetic acupuncture may seem like the new kid on the block but it’s an ancient practice anchored in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In fact, the origins of it date back Emperors in China. Geishas and concubines would allow only the most prestigious and skilled TCM Doctors to perform cosmetic acupuncture procedures on them. This was in order to maintain their beauty and grace and remain the Emperor’s favourite.

Gone are the days of the Emperor, but what has not changed is the desire of men and women to build and maintain a healthy and lust-worthy complexion. If you can improve your overall health in the process, then all the better!

What Does a Cosmetic Acupuncture Session Involve?

Your session at Dr Abbie Acupuncture begins with pulse diagnosis. This method used in TCM, Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine (to name a few). A face reading is another diagnostic tool use. It is to understand inner vitality and what health systems and organ relationships are under pressure in the body. This can be reflected on the face by a line, a droop, a change of colour in certain areas of the face. Also an indication is the location of spots and marks: literally reading liver lines, stress creases and metabolism in your expressions.

While there are sharp objects involved, they are wielded by a Dr of TCM who takes extreme care to explain each of the sensations that you may feel before the tiny acupuncture needle is applied. Plus, you get a mini Gua Sha  treatment aka a gorgeous face massage with a smooth piece of jade. A before and after photo are taken to show you the immediate changes in skin contour and tone, lines and wrinkles, brightness and tightness. This is what Dr Abbie calls the diamond factor , which is a bright and refreshed quality that shines out of the face. Diamonds shine brightest in natural light, and so, too, do her amazing clients.

Reasons Clients Love Cosmetic Acupuncture

As if shining up a diamond wasn’t enough, here are some of the reasons clients love to receive cosmetic acupuncture:

  • reducing puffiness
  • tightening jaw line and sagging skin
  • reducing wrinkles
  • increasing collagen in the face and soft surrounding areas
  • lifting eye lines, giving the illusion of having had an ‘eye lift’
  • glowing skin
  • a more hydrated complexion
  • stress relief
  • reducing uneven pigmentation
  • more balanced health
  • reducing stubborn and hormonal acne
  • hydration for dry and flaky skin
  • lip enhancement
  • softening of facial lines
  • scar reduction
  • reducing rosacea
  • eye orbit opening enhancement
  • wrinkle prevention
  • anti-ageing effects

What’s the Overall Goal of Cosmetic Acupuncture?

The improvements that you notice after one treatment depends on your constitution and any underlying health conditions. Some of the most common changes to the face can include a reduction in redness, a plumping of the skin, the fading of lines, and an overall brightness. Polishing a diamond can take time, but oh baby is it worth it when you uncover that hunk of beauty hidden beneath.

The goal of TCM is to return the body to homeostasis, this can take some time – just like it takes 28 days for new collagen to be produced and stored under the skin, so too do the long term improvements take time. A treatment course is necessary to build momentum in the body and to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms, hormones, reinvigoration of blood and collagen production. Ideally, after a course of treatment only minor, infrequent additional treatments may needed thereafter.

To experience cosmetic acupuncture book a cosmetic treatment.


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