New Year 2019 The Year of the Pig and Giving up New Year Resolutions

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It can be a flurry of joy and excitement caught up in the countdown to midnight to the new 1st of a New Year, the champagne flowing, sodden and full from Christmas lunches, dinners, parties and gatherings to make us reassess how we have been living our lives sloth-like and full of gluttony. So happy, full and tiddled we begin the new rounds of promises to become the next bionic man, full of self discipline, determination, early starts, raw rabbit food, and visions of being on the next cover of Time Magazine’s person of the year with all your martyrdom of hard work that year.

Why do so many New Year’s resolutions fail?

  • We underestimate how hard it can be to break old habits and the level of effort required to create small but lasting change.
  • Resolutions can be like dreams but without a plan to back them up.
  • You are secretly not ready to change, you just WISH you were.
  • We treat them like a sprint rather than a marathon
    (i.e. we look for quick results without sustained effort)
  • Most (90%) of resolutions are about losing weight, changing your physical appearance and that is sometimes not as simple as just going on a diet. What are the reasons you want to lose weight? Do you think your life will be magically perfect if you lose weight? Are there emotional and/or hormonal issues contributing to your weight that need addressing? Knowing WHAT you want, is equally as important as knowing WHY you want it.
  • We don’t make the process enjoyable enough to warrant us wanting to continue. Getting immediate rewards from new habits makes us more likely to stay the course.
  • We fail to set achievable goals in the first instance. Or we fail to set mini achievable goals that we can celebrate along the way which help keep the momentum of change going.
  • When we use non-committal words like “I Should” instead of “I Will” we can excuse ourselves from taking action.

At Zhong Centre, we are all for self improvement and wellbeing, however – we supervise slow and steady wellness programs and work with clients as to what will actually work and help in their lifestyle, dietary requirements and family responsibilities. Chinese Medicine and Traditional Acupuncture are fantastic tools to help balance hormones, which are quite often the culprit of sluggish digestion and metabolism. Chinese Medicine Acupuncture is also breaking new ground with psychology assistance for mood, brain chemicals and self esteem perception. At Zhong Centre we always incorporate emotional and mental wellbeing in all prescriptions, treatment plans and homework.  Mind set and emotional accountability are the first and foremost important aspects for any new resolution or self care regime.

Another reason new year resolutions fail is we fail to ask for help, or invest in accountability for our new steps that we have decided to partake. Team up with Zhong Centre, and you will won’t be let off the hook when it comes to looking after yourself for greater health and wellbeing.

Contact us at Zhong Centre to begin your best health and wellness plan  [0481] 825 525


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