Love the Skin You Are in!

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Love the Skin You Are In

Who are you not to love yourself? Who are you not to love your your body, your hair, your skin? You’ve been made one in a million, billion, trillion of all the years that have ever happened, and you’re sitting there in self loathing deciding that you’re not good enough. I really want to know who gave you that f*cking authority?! Who decided that you get to choose that you’re not worthy of anything? I don’t think that that’s ever been bestowed upon anyone.

I don’t know if there’s any dusty old magic book with a passage that says,

“Hear thee! You, [insert your name] of [insert your street address] are you’re not allowed to like yourself. You shall not have any kind of compassion for yourself, ever. The reason? Well, all of those blemishes that you have, all those imperfections!”

That has literally never happened, it just doesn’t work that way.

You do you not gain anything, nor achieve any type of social status by being down on yourself. Maybe negative self talk worked when you were younger, “My thighs are SO big!” and everyone commiserates, “No! Mine are!” or “Yeah, but we love you all the more because of it”. No, if anything people are beautiful. Whether they’re gorgeous by mainstream beauty standards or have flaws and they still are vibrant, lovely and just rockin’ what they’ve got, we will tend to be really pulled to them.

The mentality behind not embracing a component of your body or aspect of yourself that makes you YOU is fundamentally flawed. You do not have jurisdiction to hate on “it”. That same flaw is in so many other people, so if you hate it on yourself you must hate it on other people. And where does hate get you?

Which brings me to Beyoncé

It always comes back to her and the fact that she’s not a perfect human being. Was I disappointed that she photoshopped her stomach after giving birth to her twins, yes! However, she gets up on stage and she is nowhere near concerned about her thigh gap. The b*tch don’t care! It doesn’t hold her back, it doesn’t stop her from being glorious. Granted, we don’t all have a hair team, but if I did, f*ck my hair would be HUGE!

Getting caught up on these things that we hate about ourselves, the biggest thing that we can probable do is pick one thing that you f*cking love about yourself. Something that you think is your SUPERPOWER. Your magnifying asset. Not sure how to do that? Try finding someone who has similar flaws to you, someone that will resonate with your superpower.

Some of the women I love is NSW mumma, Mel Watts, the embrace movement’s, Taryn Brumfitt and body positivity babe, Megan Jayne Crabbe. Then, of course, there’s Adele, who’s like, “I will not lose weight because it’s not affecting my sex life!” YEAH! Adele don’t care! People don’t care! More junk in the trunk, push that squish!

Whatever it is that has you feeling flawed, it doesn’t make you any less worthy.

It is just a physical vessel and expression of your life. Yes, you can come to the clinic and we can work to tighten some areas, reduce puffiness and lines, and tonify your skin. But the process is also about you laying here on the table screaming, albeit with tiny needles in your face, “I’m a hot tamale!” When you embrace your physical form, or at the very least find one thing to make your SUPERPOWER, then you give other people permission to also love the skin they’re in. How f*cking wonderful would that be?

Because the more we love the skin that we are in…

the more time you have available to create wonderful fantabulous creative positive beautiful thoughts, and can focus your attention to further your career, push your limits of exploring travel and adventure, look around you and notice others who could do with some help. What you focus on grows.

Focusing on your fabulousness – only enhances your fabulous, and fabulous people do fabulous things, freely, graciously and easily.

Over and out, Beyonce reincarnate, 

Dr Abbie

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