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Meet Lou

A registered wellness consultant and counsellor, busy mum and team member at Zhong Centre…

With a background forged in Bachelor Degrees in Nutrition and Social Work, Lou has worked in health and wellness for over 20 years, and believes in a holistic, balanced approach to health. Lou has extensive experience working across a range of wellness therapies and practices, including mindfulness.

Lou enjoys specialising in treating anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, sleep deprivation, diet and relationships.

Lou nurtures positive thinking and strategies encompassing wellbeing theory, mindfulness, diet management, health and wellness plans, cognitive and interpersonal therapy.

We highly recommend Lou’s mindful and wellness plans, and approach and support to help anxiety and emotional imbalances. To help build skills to cope with ever increasing ‘stress load’. Lou also sees a lot of teenagers with emotional or mental blocks to help them create strategies and resilience.

Book your consultation with Lou below; Medicare rebate is available with a referral from your GP. The Referral from GP needs to be bought to 1st session for a receipt to be generated. The receipt is given to the client so they can lodge Medicare rebate.

Consultations are $180 per session and are rebateable Medicare.

All appointments are via zoom.

Lou is available for sessions on Wednesdays, (just scroll through the calendar for an available Wednesday).


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