Keri Krieger

Meet Dr Keri

A registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Rockupuncture(TM) creator, Goddess incarnate, Corporate wellness magician ….

Keri has been practising acupuncture for 18 years and working in the wellness industry for 20. She has worked with several five star health retreats and boutique spas throughout Australia, Ireland and Asia as well as in her private practice.

Keri is a modern day mystic, fusing her passion for spirituality with the ancient remedies of Chinese medicine and acupuncture to guide women in coming home to themselves.

Our daily lives are filled with responsibilities and overwhelm, it is Keri’s mission to provide women with the tools they need to bring things back to basics so they can thrive as they are destined to do.

Keri’s personal blend of coaching has been created over 20 years of working with women who crave magic in their day to day lives. She has tried and tested the navigation system she now uses to teach women to nourish their minds, bodies and spirits so they are able to to step away from over work, exhaustion, burnout and self loathing to experience personal peace, stillness and a deep love for life.

Her passion for leading women through the process of breakdown to breakthrough was born from learning the hard way that living a life that isn’t aligned with your true self is cause for extreme pain and suffering. Now, she coaches women with the hope that her lessons can be their guiding light.

Through her treatments, training and writing, Keri’s mission is to educate, inspire and create opportunities for wellness and health transformation to become the primary creative force in her clients lives.
Within her unique and effective therapies, and magical take on healthcare, Keri integrates ancient wisdom into our modern lives. 
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Keri’s Offering

Keri will be available at Zhong Centre in St Kilda every four weeks for life coaching, mentoring and acupuncture sessions. Learn more about her offerings or call us directly on 0481 825 525.


Offered at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat for the past 11 years, this is a unique blended and Trade Marked Therapy created by Keri Krieger uses Acupuncture and Hot Stone Massage to heal, nurture and inspire.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

Zhong Centre’s signature cosmetic rejuvenation treatment delivered to you by the hands of our new goddess, Dr Keri!

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