Jeremy Carne Podcast: Healing with acupuncture ft. Dr Abbie Cloherty

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In ‘Healing with Acupuncture’ Jeremy Carne discusses his experience with acupuncture including how some of the different acupuncture placements made him feel through his body energetically. 

Dr Abbie explains the benefits of acupuncture for wellness in our modern lives. Sharing how the practice has been cultivated over thousands of years of trial and error, to heal and rejuvenate the body.Dr Abbie Cloherty is an acupuncturist.

See a little sneaky snippet of the Healing with Acupuncture interview transcribed below…

“It balanced me Dr Abbie…  You grounded the shit out of me!” said Jeremy Carne while interviewing Dr Abbie for his live podcast.

“You needed some ummphf. You needed some grounding.” Dr Abbie replied. “..I really like making people think ‘f*k yea I’m on fleek!’ After treatments. And sometimes it’s really hard to articulate how TCM treatments can make you feel on paper. What I mean by that is we’re tied up like strung chickens with our advertising laws in Chinese Medicine. How do you say on paper you’ll leave here thinking ‘f*k yea, im great!’? How do I articulate that as a healthcare plan, you know?”

Jeremy goes on to explain how some of the placements made him feel energetically, discussing the emotions and reactions he experienced.

“Some of the placements, particularly when clearing channels through the bottom of foot for example, can create a pretty dramatic reaction in the body for some.” Replied Dr Abbie. “I can’t always predict the way the client will feel when the needle is in a particular place. A dramatic feeling can happen for those who like yourself, are very sensitive, or are unaware of how sensitive they are. Not just empathetic or spiritually sensitive.. there are a lot of people out there that are really sensitive to chemicals, really sensitive to drama in their families, for example.”

“So about that sensation you experienced. When we take your pulse, check your tongue, do an internal landscape assessment, and ask you lots of questions about your health, we can be pretty confident that, for example, along the meridian line we want to balance, or the system of organs we want to harmonise, we’ll be like, ‘ok. There is either a blockage along the channel, or it needs a bit of tonification, it needs a bit more ummphf…’ But not everyone will have the same reaction to the same acupuncture placement.”

“It’s amazing how much it works,” responded Jeremy.

Have we got your attention?

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