Jade Gua Sha

Beauty at home to maintain your Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment Plan

Jade is known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing semi-precious gemstone and is considered a sign of power and immortality. It is auspicious in healing and maintaining beauty in Chinese history.


It can help calm and even out your completion and make it noticeably less puffy, defining your cheekbones, jawline and brows. The scrapping movement and jade properties can enhance circulation, de-puff the eye area and improve skin elasticity. Facial Gua Sha promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxifying, which promotes a hydrating and tight completion.


Quality Jade is naturally cooler in temperature, however you can put your Gua Sha tool in the freezer a few hours before you plan to use it.

  1. Begin with a cleasned face
  2. Apply serum or natural oil
  3. Starting at the nape of the jaw line, long even strokes down the neck towards the collar bone. Each stroke should be repeated up to 9 times or until a slight Sha or redness emerges, or until knots and lumps are reduced and cleared.
  4. Using the heart of the Gua Sha, begin from the centre of the chin / jaw line and sweep up to each ear.
  5. Continue sweeping from chin and sides of the mouth using the side of the Gua Sha up to the cheek bone, in this sweep be sure to include the jaw ligaments holding tension that add to pursed lips.
  6. Using the pointed end of the Gua Sha press small circles, beginning at the sides of the nostrils sweeping out to the tops of the cheek muscles.
  7. From the inner canthus of the eye, PRESS the flat side of the jade under the eyes and gently press out towards the temples.



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