Freya’s Nourishment – 6 Ways to Self Care in Isolation

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6 Ways to Self Care in Isolation

As published in Freya’s Nourishment April 21, 2020

‘These are interesting and unprecedented times. We’ve had a month of isolating ourselves with at least another 3 weeks to go. How are you taking care of yourself? What are your favourite ways to look after your physical and mental wellbeing? Mine chop and change on a daily basis, and I’m quite happy to flow with it. But here are a few of my daily must dos.’ Says Kristie Murphy, writer for Freya’s Nourishment.

So what should we be doing daily to keep ourselves sane if iso come back for another round (touch wood it doesn’t!). According to Kristie, here are your top 6 ways to take care of YOU during the isolation period:

1) Take footbaths

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‘They are great for reducing stress and aiding sleep!’ says Kristie. ‘I know I bang on about them a lot and I am slowly converting friends, family and customers alike, but don’t just take my word for it. Dr Abbie Acupuncturist, owner of Zhong Centre in St Kilda shares with us the benefits of foot baths from a Chinese medicine perspective.’

‘Footbaths. Our favourite type of homework we give out here at Zhong Centre.’ confirmed Dr Abbie. ‘Feeling stressed? Footbath. Can’t fall asleep or stay asleep? Footbath. Digestive issues? Footbath. Bowels not moving or moving too much? Footbath. Feelings of impending doom and anxiousness? Footbath. Seriously, there is nothing these little wet guys cannot help with.’

There’s more to it that just feeling good putting your feet in a tub of warm water! Footbaths are used in self care to help:

  • reduce stress
  • anxiety
  • over-thinking
  • with sleeping conditions.

Dr Abbie also recommend them for health issues such as:

  • period pain
  • digestion problems
  • all over body aches.

‘Hot foot baths help to pull all the energy (Qi) down from the mind/’Shen’ to the feet in order to relax and calm you, ready for sleep.’ Continued Dr Abbie. ‘It also boosts the Kidney/Water element, as its channel begins under the foot. The Water element pertains to vitality and calm.’

You no longer have any excuses. Get yourself a basin, your favourite bath salts and get soaking!

2) Boost your immunity

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Kristie spoke with local naturopath, owner of Little Alchemy and creator of beautiful Ritual Cacao Blends, Lou to get her advice on how to best support our immune system, and here’s her top tips:

  • Consume a good Vitamin C supplement. liposomal vitamin C is great for reducing symptoms of common colds.
  • Medicinal mushrooms are magic! They can enhance the body’s immune response and provide antiviral actions.
  • Food really is the best medicine. We tend to eat a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates when stressed and tired – consuming too much of these types of foods can have a negative impact on our immune systems.

3) Movement

self care - stay happy - do exercise - go for walks - zhong centre melbourne cosmetic acupuncture clinic

‘Has your local yoga studio gone online? Or has your personal trainer started online sessions? There are so many subscription services now available too, however if you go to youtube, there are a tonne of exercise videos for free.’ says Kristie when discussing some of the outlandish purchase decisions people are making to bring the gym home with them.

‘Walking is also great. To get some fresh air and wander your neighbourhood. Although I find avoiding people, especially in the afternoon, can be a minefield… movement is essential for both our mental & physical health.’

4) Be kind to yourself

self care - be kind to yourself - love thy self - learn new things - best cosmetic acupuncture clinic in melbourne

‘There’s a lot of pressure out there to use this time to be productive and accomplish all these wonderful things. Which is fine, if you feel up to it! If not, that’s okay too. ‘ says Kristie on the subject of self-learning to keep yourself sane and occupied. ‘Some days I am creating recipes, writing new posts, taking photos, putting together flat pack bookshelves and rearranging furniture. Other days I am stuck to the couch knitting in front of Netflix all day.

These are unusual times, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty around us. Be kind and understanding towards yourself…If you feel you need to switch off from the world then do that.

Self-care is listening to your needs. Whatever they may be ❤️.’

5) Practice gratitude

self care - practice gratitude - zhong centre - best cosmetic acupuncture melbourne

‘It’s something that we love at Freya’s Nourishment!’ says Kristie. ‘Our website is sprinkled with gratitude in various ways, of course the Gratitude crystal intention oil, we also have had guest writer Genevieve Morton write a post for us on An Attitude of Gratitude and I created a Gratitude Essential Oil blend for you too.’

6) Stay social – safely

hand sanitiser - safety - social - foot soak zhong centre -self care

During this trying time, both safety and mental health have become difficult to keep equally in check. It’s never been more important to remain connected. ‘We may not be able to connect with each other physically, but staying connected with our family and friends by scheduling calls and Facetime, as well as keeping in touch with a funny video or post – there are so many funny things floating around at the moment, and humour is a wonderful way of dealing with things.’ says Kristie.

Self Care with Kristie Murphy

Thanks so much for your amazing words on self care Kristie! Very inspiring. Read the full original article here.

If you’re planning to meet up with friends, do the right thing. Sanitise, sign-up and stay safe.



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