F**k Period Pain

Is your period painful? Do you get PMS? Break outs?! HANGRY to the point of eating all-of-the-things? Bloat like your preggas? F**k that!

Dr Abbie practices Chinese Medicine Cosmetic Acupuncture and specialises in swearing and pimple popping.
Dr Edwina practices Traditional Chinese Medicine for women’s health and is an estrogen expert! Together these Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors explained during their F**k period pain event how to avoid period pain and negative period symptoms.

  • Learn how different contraception effects the body differently and how the body’s hormones and systems change to cope and adjust.
  • Learn how to avoid cramps altogether!
  • Learn tips to manage Endometriosis and the symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Learn how to avoid Bloating, PMS bitch mode and crying at every puppy picture on instagram!
  • Learn how to use your period to best lose weight and to help detoxify & cleanse your system each month.

This interactive and funny info-seminar comes with F# bombs, weird words for ‘pink bits’ and actual f**king useful applicable information to ensure your best health and menstrual wellness.

F**k period pain!

**Event finished**


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