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To secure your place at our element workshops please fill out the form below.  Spaces are strictly limited to ensure all involved get the most out of the experience.

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Delve deep into the power of the elements with Violet and Dr Abbie. 

This workshop is for people searching for ways to supercharge their life and their problem-solving skills.

Combining practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and paganism, you will be guided to understand the power of the specific element and how it relates to an aspect of your life that you’re trying to understand and improve.

Whether it be solving a particular challenge in your life or identifying deep, long-held limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of you having the life you desire. This workshop will provide the space and the elemental tools you need to work through it.

In the workshop, you will have the opportunity to communicate with yourself on a deeper level commencing with a guided meditation. Within in this sacred space, the two practitioners will provide expert guidance and insights from their respective fields.

You will be empowered with practical tools to use over the following four weeks and throughout the rest of your life.

What will you leave this workshop with?

  • A clear understanding of the element in focus.
  • A 4-week plan, filled with practical tips to unlock the element.
  • Knowledge of how the season is related to the element, from a TCM perspective.
  • A deeper connection with your higher self (consciousness).
  • A community of like-minded people to support you through.
  • An understanding of ancient techniques to be more mindful in your day-to-day goal setting.
  • A lighter, more intuitive connection to yourself.

You can expect to feel empowered to tackle whatever you have been assisted with during the workshop, and to take that feeling out into the world.

This is a calm, meditative space for a small group to come together and feel safe, heard, and supported. Numbers are limited to eight people, in order for the practitioners to provide in depth attention to each of the group throughout the workshop.

About the Facilitators

Our introduction to the elements workshop was so well received that we decided to run a full, four-part course on each of the elements. We will delve deep into earth, air, fire and water, involving a fusion between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pagan and celtic practices. Join your favourite no BS acupuncturist, Dr Abbie, and Violet, a self-described witch who Abbie trusts with elemental magick and pagan intuition.


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