Covid-19 Recovery

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Cosmetic Acupuncture

At Zhong Centre, we encompass all areas of your health. We assess your wellbeing holistically.

If you contract Covid, your body needs rest and repair. We will balance out Yin and Yang and help to expel ‘pathogens’ with herbs, acupuncture, body work, nature, recovery supplements and food. When you are in quarantine, the unnatural disconnection from humans is challenging.

The lack of human connection speeds up poor health, it impacts ageing and increases the risk of mental illness. You need realignment for mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Though COVID-19 is a new illness, we know what supplements will work against the virus and help restore balance in your systems.

Covid-19 Recovery

Home Care Kit starts from RRP $240(Includes: Practitioner prescribed supplements including zinc citrate, vitamin C, vitamin D, NAC, probiotics and depending on symptoms curated Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs) Link

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IV Intravenous immune vitamins for extra strength delivery of immune recovery and boosting help starting from $295 Book now


Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has long been promoted as a key player in healthy immune function.

Zinc may have antiviral activity, whether by improving immune cell function that counters viral infections or by reducing the ability of viruses to multiply.

Some evidence (see this study and this study) suggests that combining vitamin C and zinc may limit the duration and severity of cold symptoms.

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