Castor Oil Pack Instructions

Castor oil packs are used to help reduce inflammation and assist the body in removing stagnation. Within the clinic, we recommend them a lot for helping to remove build up and congestion in the lower abdomen which can lead to causing pain, discomfort and heavy bleeding with menstrual cycles and polycystic ovaries.

The best time to use the castor oil pack is post-ovulation – the second half of the cycle and to use every 2 days until your period arrives.

It is quite relaxing and creates a nice mood to switch off and fall asleep afterwards. You can head to bed half an hour early and set yourself up to meditate for 30 minutes before sleep. (Be careful not to get oil on nice sheets and wear crappy pjs.)


  • Place the cloth in a jar or a ziplock bag with a bit of extra space to move the cloth around. (You may find it is easier in a ziplock bag, but if you prefer, a glass jar works great too.)
  • Pour in the castor oil onto the cloth.
  • Move the cloth around to ensure the oil soaks into all of the cloth in the ziplock bag. Squeeze and squish the cloth to get the oil to seep into the cloth better and cover it all over. (If using a jar it will take longer and note, it can get messy if using your hands.)
  • Fill a hot water bottle/warm heat pack and prepare some plastic wrap or a waxed cloth (if you prefer not to use plastic).
  • Lie down and place oily cloth over your lower abdomen, cover with plastic wrap (or waxed cloth) then place your hot water bottle/heat pack on top.
  • Leave on for 30-60 minutes, meditate, breath or listen to calming music.
  • Clean up: pop cloth into ziplock bag to reuse next time and doze off to sleep.

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