Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?

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Are your hormones making you fatDo you struggle to maintain a healthy weight even though your eating kale and sashimi all day long and hitting the gym like a boss? Do you put on a dress size with just one tiny sniff of a chocolate brownie? Let’s face it, it’s freakin tough for most people these days to manage their weight for many reasons (hello Uber eats) but if you feel like your doing everything right but still struggling, your hormones might be to blame!

Two of the most common ways your hormones can make your thigh gap disappear over a breakfast waffle can be an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone where estrogen outweighs progesterone (pun intended). This is known as estrogen dominance and classically presents as weight gain around the middle which is hard to shift, amongst lots of other symptoms .

Alternatively your thyroid hormone might be sluggish which typically presents as weight around the bum and thighs which is hard to shift. This is known as sub clinical hypothyroidism as your blood results will most likely be within “normal” range accordingly to pathology results which basically means you don’t need to be medicated, however as the ranges are currently quite broad and vary considerably so you may still benefit from alternative treatments and potentially further medical investigations.

There are of course other hormonal reasons for weight gain like insulin resistance, high cortisol levels (aka stress!) and when estrogen levels drop at menopause.

Chinese medicine can help regulate hormones by treating the underlying cause of the disharmony, in a lot of cases this can be due to poor diet, stress or a weakness in reproductive qi. Generally we look at the meridians associated or effected by stress, digestion, blood and fluid production and metabolism and develop a treatment plan to bring you back into balance.

Many of the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance can be treated and improved and Dr Maryanne is your go to girl for all things hormone related, with acupuncture and a diet and lifestyle plan suited to your specific needs she will help you get back on track.

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