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Empowering clients for
health & mental resilience

Dr Nicole (Dr Nic) is an acupuncturist with a bright spark of energy and passion for empowering health and wellness in each individual.

Her motivation in the clinic is to take everyday living back to its simple state – organic, innate, preventative health.

Her attraction to healthcare for the individual began more than a decade ago through travel, starting a family and a desire for a more holistic style of living and being.

Listen to Kellie Sterling’s podcast with Dr. Nicole Pawley on the Three Golden Opportunity times in our life, as women, that are large inflexion points. Times where we have the opportunity to either foster or risk our health during the transition. 


Clarity and confidence in changing times

Dr Nic has experience through a range of areas, however holds a special interest in women’s health. This extends to conception, fertility and postnatal care stemming from her other favourite field; educating mums-to-be on how to be awesome at birthing. As an experienced specialist childbirth educator, Nic has facilitated hundreds of couples with essential skills for birthing with control, calm and fearlessness.

While women’s health is her passion, she has a firm handle on other health issues faced throughout the stages of life, for men, woman and non-binary. Dr Nic is all about setting the foundations with support, knowledge and tapping into the everyday clues your body expresses.

Her gentle and open approach will guide you to understanding your body better and have confidence in taking responsibility for your own health. 

Dr Nic is one of the Senior Practitioners of the Zhong Centre team, she has a wealth of history and experience in the field. We could not be more excited to have her join us, and are even more excited to get you into her safe and skilled hands! 

She is a lover of mindfulness, meditation, sun rises and dry humour.


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