Dr. M’Lanie

Meet Dr. M’Lanie

She / Her 

Feel Stress Melt Away With Dr. M’Lanie

Dr M’Lanie has a bachelor in health science and a bachelor in the applied science of Chinese Medicine from RMIT, completing her internship in China.

M’Lanie has a multitude of experience treating all kinds of conditions and all kinds of people all over the world having spent the last few years working as a practitioner on cruise ships.

M’Lanie turned to Chinese medicine to rebalance her hormones following several natural body building competitions that left her with chronic insomnia, fatigue and other stress induced symptoms. Her passion was quickly ignited to become a practitioner and provide the support to others who find themselves in the same situation she was in.

“Forces within us are the true healers of disease.

– Hippocrates 

Treating Health from Skin & Within

M’Lanie loves to treat all the neurological and physiological symptoms that our body loves to throw at us, such as dermatological conditions, digestive upsets, hormonal imbalances, and Shen disturbances that come from our modern lifestyle of trying to balance work, life, and family.

M’Lanie has a compassionate nature and wants to put the sparkle back into your life.


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