10 Things About Dr Abbie

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I’m doing the “#10thingsaboutme” challenge as too many bloody people separately tagged me in the damn thing. Blimey nosey betches ???? Here’s 10 things about Dr Abbie Cloherty…

1. My expertise is cosmetic acupuncture

but what I struggle to convey and educate the public in – is that it is SOO much more than just the face that I treat, and that even though I am bound by Dr registration laws (and therefore can’t advertise certain benefits, results, make claims, use testimonials…etc) I fucking work hard to get visible, measurable, long lasting and effective results – I’m effectively competing with instant gratification from Botox and the like (no judgement, couldn’t give a shit if you use it, love it, loath it – I treat around it regardless) and so being in the same market as instant results it can be darn frustrating to be patient and super speed up the healing response of skin and internal medicine to create similar results of injectables. So, long point short. I work fecking hard to see ACTUAL fecking changes that make you feel good (and to the point – LOOK your best). So that includes; hormones, bloating, periods, headaches, fertility, neck pain, emotional psychos moods, rashes, weird poo habits …. you get my drift. Sometimes, these things are hard to photograph for Instagram.

2. I love a good excuse to travel

I have completed my internship in Guangzhou China, (Thanks to my mentor whose grandfather started the hospital I trained in, and her family still work at the hospital decades later). I trained in France, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. I am continually training, Chinese Medicine is based on never being right, or no such thing as perfect. Some of the best teachers and doctors that I have met 30-40years practicing still say they don’t know much. So even though I train other practitioners I still am hungry for more and to be cutting edge amounts the plastic surgery options available (competitive much?!)

3. I also run Cosmetic Retreats

an entire holiday based on cosmetic acupuncture, nutritionist curated and chef made nourishment foods to feed your soul, face and skin from within. The locations range from Bali, Japan and Nz. I love watching the concentrated self care and growth that my clients achieve in such a short space of time dedicated to themselves. And the focus treatments of acupuncture combined with delicious soul foods and sun are delightful to my insides. It’s indescribable the joy that emits from these experiences. ????????

(Bored of reading yet?)

4. I fall in (a bit) of love with every client

As much of my clinic focus is to “get rid of clients as fast as possible”, as in let’s get things balanced real fast and your body in charge of its own processes again so you don’t ever need to see me again! I hate to admit that I actually can’t help falling in Love a little bit with every client. ???????? (don’t let them know, #TreatEmMeanKeepEmKeen.

5. My background was initially natural health and naturopathy

Until I saw first hand in a medical centre I was working in, the results Chinese Medicine was having on my patients from a colleague practitioner. Picking up illness and disease before medical tests, shrinking waists IN FRONT OF MY EYES, addressing pain and suffering without having to wait for supplements to kick in, or patient compliance outside of the consult. I was amazed and astonished so I quickly jumped Tasman (yes I have what’s known as a “Posh Australian Accent”) and retrained and have never looked back, again a slight competitive streak coming through… I loved that I didn’t have to compromise my health ethics for my vanity and beauty self confidence.

6. I am very scientifically minded

I love facts (stranger and weirder the better), tangible results, measurements etc. so much so that I am always trying to prove TCM wrong, and constantly trying to push cosmetic acupuncture to the boundaries of what it can achieve. And then continually get amazed at what it DOES achieve, and then he cycle continues…

7. I love to surf

(probably more than puppies…) Everyone can tell in clinic how much different my treatments are post salt water ???? (the art in this picture is of my favourite surf beach growing up).

8. I am lucky enough to have a Chinese Medicine mentor

(well, one main influence and lots of support from teachers and peers). I am blessed that she has a super belief in me and is fourth generation Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor (I still pinch myself with the learning and information she gives me). And I speak 6 words of mandarin terribly.

9. I am/was obsessed with Greys Anatomy show

I based all my study inspiration and drive on @SandraOh s character Christina Yang. Racing and competing for patients to hone her craft, studying to compete, sarcasm, whisky, great hair! It was bad enough she left the show (great that she got her own HOSPITAL) but the dealbreaker for me.

I couldn’t cope with the spoiler that McDreamy was going to die, so I stopped watching before that episode so TECHNICALLY I haven’t seen him pass away so that means TECHNICALLY he’s not dead, and Meredith and Derrick are still happily married and not another tv show relationship has been torn apart. #yourewelcome #bringbackIzzy

10. Lastly, my secret super powers are:

I learnt sign language, I can make people cry at weddings with my off the cuff wedding speeches, and I never not get my way….

If you enjoyed reading about me, and want some more.. checkout my upcoming workshops.


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